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The picturesque vineyards of Wine & Soul are located in the heart of the Pinhão Valley which is the most sought after vineyard area of the Douro and Portugal best-know wine region.

This innovative, yet rustic winery was founded nearly ten years ago by Jorge Serôdio Borges and his wife Sandra Tavares da Silva, two of the most celebrated winemakers in Portugal, both of wished to channel their extensive experience into a winery that would showcase the traditional varietals of the Douro Valley on an internantional level.

Initially, the winery included a lone vineyard, Pintas, but throughout the years, it has gradually expanded to incluede additional properties, such as the magnificent Quinta da Manoella, located in the sparkling Pinhão Valley. Wine & Soul has also received considerable critical praise for its delightful character-driven wines, all of which represent the exceptional fruitful terroir of the Douro region.